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Identity & Aesthetic

February 2019

Five Caribbean-British women communicate their lives, stories, and identities through composition…

A five-part series for Sound and Music and the British Music Collection that look at the relationship between Identity and Aesthetic. This project explores the lives, creative minds, and selected works of five British-Caribbean composers.  They are Eleanor Alberga, Hannah Catherine Jones (aka Foxy Moron), Hannah Kendall, Prof. Shirley J. Thompson OBE, and Errollyn Wallen MBE. Spanning the breadth of today’s active living composers, they range from baby boomers to millennials, each having a distinctive understanding of their culture and its impact on their work.  

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Strings Magazine

July/August 2018

Violist Clifton Harrison on the Timeless Qualities of Ives’ String Quartet No. 2

Excerpt -
Ives’ Second Quartet is a work of conversation, discussion, argument, and reconciliation. Ives himself described it as such. I see it as an abstract expression of human interaction using language that is quintessentially modern. Each of the three movements is different in style and feel, yet they are connected by similar grammar and expression. This work is filled with character, musical quotes, jokes, and commentary that transcend time and era. “


Graupner Project…

AUTUMN/Winter 2019

Viola d’amore and composer Christoph Graupner (1683-1760). The viola d’amore that I use plays a very important role in my research. It was made for me by Jonathan Hill.


More information coming soon…